Saturday, February 6, 2010

fluttering lashes

photo courtesy of stand out

my fascination with flash eye lashes was rekindled today.

my daughter and I found ourselves at a 'compulsory' make up lesson for her dance school. Tina Sparks from Stand Out Cosmetics did a make up demo and as a former dancer herself shared alot of knowledge, both about makeup and being on stage.... how important it is to connect with the audience and you can't do that if the audience can't see the dancers eyes. Tina has created her own brand of healthy cosmetics for dancers to use and travels extensively world wide consulting Royal Ballet Companies right through to dance schools. She also writes for Dance Train Magazine and has adjudicated on "So You Think You Can Dance" both US and AUS.I enjoyed my girly hour and enjoyed learning that Tina was a Hervey Bay girl.

visual memories flashed back....of the false eye lashes I found in the bathroom cupboard when I was a kid. I think they were my mums, left over from the 60's.

Dad, Mum, baby me and Taggets the dog

they always looked so delicate and I'd place them on my lids and flutter my lashes, only to have them fall on the granny had a pair in her cosmetic draw too. I'd sit and watch her put her make on and she'd tell me not to wear make up until I "had to". I never really knew what she meant when she said that......why are grandmas so criptic?

my fascination rekindled, I fear it may only be quenched by being daring and trying a pair.


drmarty62 said...

Go for it Nic. Just for the play. I am sure they will look gorgeous on you. My kids are rejoicing that their days of forced false eye lashed for dancing are over but they still drag them out occasionally for a big night

Bethel of Bethania said...

Yep I agree with drmarty Go for it... your eyes will look a millon dollars & you will feel a millon dollars too... can we see photos too please...