Sunday, February 7, 2010

on your day

.........................happy birthday mum

Dearest Mum,

thank you. as i look back now , being a mother myself I see you did so much for me. providing opportunities for me to do things, taking me places so I could learn and quench my thirst for involvement. you were the most patient teacher and I am so grateful for the skills and the knowledge you passed on to me. you taught me how to cook, crochet , knit, sew, collage and be resourceful with the things we had at hand ...and to love unconditionally.

those skills have served me well and I hope I am able to pass on this innate wisdom to my children.

you always encouraged my creativity and thankfully you could see my potential and valued my creative spirit and as a young girl who grew into a life loving woman, I now see these skills as sacred and heart thriving ....a bloodline to my creativity and my soul.

thank you for believing in me.


Jacky said...

This is beautiful Nic...loving words to your mother.

Jacky xox

Kate said...

What a lovely tribute... I always hope that my daughter will say something similar about me one day.

Anonymous said...

I hope she reads this..

I know I hope someone shows mum what I write...