My Bio

2012...Took a huge leap of faith and closed my website and decided to redirect my creative energy into becoming a high school Art teacher.
2011...Began working with a wholesale representative .My Art cards were featured in Shop til You Drop Magazine
 2010...Painting featured in April Home Beautiful (Australia).Taught weekend workshop Creative Discoveries.
2009...Mixed media collage article published in Jan/Feb issue & March/April in Cloth Paper Scissors (USA magazine). Asked to teach journaling workshop in Sydney at Artistic Journey Retreat. .Taught journaling workshop throughout the year.Facilitated Fraser Island Art Retreat.
2008...Moved to Hervey Bay, Queensland.Mixed media collage article published in Cloth Paper Scissors (USA magazine).Gallery representation, Bay Art Gallery.Completed studies with international foundation to become a Creativity Coach. Launched a range of greeting cards featuring my drawings and designs.
2007...Jewellery article published in Belle Amoire Jewellery (USA magazine).Mixed media image used to promote local artshow, Downlands College.Creativity article published in local newspaper.More local collaborative exhibitions. Started teaching creative journal classes. My illustrations published in perceptive astrology book 'Your Recipe for Empowerment' written by Ashtara.
 2006...Exhibited with collaborative artists group Crea8, Toowoomba.Facilitated personal development workshops with 'aha!'.Feature article in 'Revive' magazine about 'aha!'.Taught art units at local schools/preschool, Highfields, Toowoomba.Short stint in Visual Merchandising for department store, Myer painting murals.My artwork featured on front page of spiritual magazine.Became a committee member of Crows Nest Regional Arts Development Funding.
2005...Exhibited my second solo show, Myart Gallery and began collaborating with other artists, also exhibiting in 17 different shows, spanning from one end of Australia to the other. Began teaching workshops, Toowoomba.Started studying Perceptive Astrology. Guest speaker at Toowoomba Regional Gallery 'Surviving as a Professional Artist'.
2004...Successful received RADF arts grant, Crows Nest.Showed my first solo exhibition, Crows Nest Regional Gallery .Awarded 1st & highly commended for acrylic painting, Myart Gallery. Highly commended for mixed media artwork, Myart Gallery. Exhibited in 12 art shows.Taught children's art classes at Highfields State School.Worked as artist assistant in summer workshops at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.Attended business seminar for Australian artists. Gallery representation at Myart Gallery, Toowoomba, Queensland.
2003...Exhibited paintings in  seven local art shows, Toowoomba. Awarded 1st in designing a book mark for local library. Guest speaker to Year 12 art students 'Extending Concepts & Pushing Ideas'. St Saviours College, Toowoomba.
2002... Received award for ceramic sculpture.Started painting. Guest speaker to Year 11 students 'Diversity of Mediums'. St Saviours College, Toowoomba.
1997...Began our family.
1996... Visual Merchandising for major department store, Myer, Toowoomba.
1993...Studied  interior design.
1990...Started my own hand made jewellery business.
1989...Graduated Diploma of Visual Arts.USQ, Toowoomba, Queensland.
1985...Topped the state in Textiles, Higher School Certificate.yr 12. Rochester, Victoria.

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