Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Listen Within

I Listening Within

This message has been vibrating through me for some time now and so I've listened and put it into action....

Here is a statement of encouragement, an affirmation, a reminder to come back to centre and listen within. To truly listen to those inner meassges, however they come.

Its a statement about being on purpose, with everything we do, choose, create, strive for.

Its a way to honor and value ourselves and to stay on track.

There have been so many times that I haven't listened to the whispers of my heart and wondered how I got so far off my Path of Purpose. Here's a list of some of the hows that have steered me wayward...

  • everybody else is doing it...it must be good/right
  • fear of being 'left behind' if I don't do something
  • competition
  • others know more than me so I'll do what they say
  • 'they' have more experience/authority than me, they must be right
  • simply...I would do anything to succeed
  • this is what I have to do to get ahead

All of these relate to stronger outside voices, inadequacy and fear.

I want to be reminded that there are other ways to be guided and a visual always works wonders! By posting this on my blog I am reminded everytime I'm there to plug into my own wisdom and listen.

If we make a choice to listen we can be perfectly guided. It's is simple, but not always easy.If this feels right for you, I'd love to take this Affirming Badge.

Grab a 'Listening Within' Badge

I'm all about making changes for the better, and you?
you are welcome to leave a link/comment....


Audrey said...

Hi Nic,

This is super! I love what you've created here - a powerful reminder for us all. Thanks so much for making it available as a badge too - what a great idea!

Audrey x

Dawnie said...

A beautiful sentiment Nic...THANK YOU my lovely

jacqueline said...

Nic, this is such a sweet inspiring post! Thank you so much for such a perfect reminder of a beaytiful sentiement! That badge is gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Melissa said...

I love it, Nic! I will be adding your button to my blog. Xxx

Suzanne said...

I've found that if I come up with an idea myself, I have more chance to do it. But if someone else tells me I need to do it, I guess I'm rebelling, and I put it off. I need to just listen to myself, and do what I think I need to do. That's counter to working with a team, and I do have a job where I need to do that, but if I look at it like I'm delegating, then it works. I'm the president of our local art society and learning on the job, so to speak, how to get things done and not procrastinate.

An Altered Wonderland said...

this is amazing! It is exactly how I have been feeling for sometime now. I grabbed a badge and posted on my blog! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the badge...your words were perfect for this day and this moment. I have it on my own blog
Thank you. We are all on this journey together.

suziqu's thread works said...

This is wonderful - it is where we find our unique creativity!
Thanks for the badge - it's great!

Diane said...

I really needed to hear this today. Blessings!

Punam said...

some words serve as providential messages - urs just did. thanxxxxxx