Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Fest

there is lots of talk about the commercial side of Valentines....and my hubby and I don't really celebrate it as such. maybe we are not the romantic type, I would rather a spontaneous gift/words of appreciation or love any day of the year. maybe that comes from being together for 24 years. omgosh that sounds like such a long time....mind you, I was a teenager when we met.

my theory behind all of this is that we don't need another to fulfill the 'Valentine' role. sure its great to share with another special someone, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. We are more than capable of filling the role ourselves with self love...and that's what my next creative Journal workshops is about.

a love fest all for oneself. sound like fun? you are more than welcome to come along if this feels right for you. yes its 14th Feb......more details here

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