Friday, March 6, 2009

the unexpected....

< align="centre">flowers~fabric, paper and beads

yesterday my world got shattering from the ground up. I had planned a trip to Noosa to pick up some paintings that were at a Gallery...this has been a long ongoing process, one I obviously have many lessons to learn from. The trip didn't leave the ground. After phoning to confirm I would be picking up the paintings I was told the gallery would not be open today. I had organized so much around this pick up and so had my husband.

It was partially my fault for not phoning early in the week.I had been told to phone on the day I was coming. I felt angry about my phone conversation and instead of dealing with it, I jumped in the car to another appointment. I was sitting at the lights in my own world,(they were red) when there was an unexpected bang and my car moved forward with a tremendous jolt..I had been rear ended. I hopped out of the car expecting to see the back end all mangled...but my tow ball had saved the car...the other car didn't fair so well.

I felt emotional and teary.When I got home I did some self healing and meditation. And I knew what I wanted to do....I wanted to make flowers..beautiful flowers, bright couture flowers, bubu flowers. I mean what else does a self respecting mixed media artist do after an experience like that?

So what did I learn from all of this? I'm spending some time doing some inner reflecting to find out....and in the mean time drinking in the flower creations that have emerged.

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