Wednesday, March 4, 2009

digging up discoveries

I have been digging around, pulling things, materials together to get ready for the Creative Soul Retreat next week (OMGosh, can't believe that its come around so quickly!) and I found my childhood jewellery box. I recently brought it back from Mum and Dads, a number of goodies in it, but the one that resonated with me the most was a swimming medal. It was my Bronze Star, for Life Saving (its the one with the ribbon). I remember at the time it was a huge test, swimming many, many laps, some fully clothed, rescuing people from the water, resuscitation and some question/answers. It was something I had been working towards for a number of swimming seasons.....and it felt like a big achievement.

I was sharing this with my children when I looked at the back and discovered a date....1977, I was 10. And I got a huge gush of 'OMGosh I was only 10 and I did all of that?'......and just took it all in, looking at my 11 year old, thinking I was a year younger.

I went in search of a photo to share, when I was around that age...they are also at Mum and Dads. I found this one on my computer. I was a Brownie.....and loved it. I had an arm filled with badges, mostly art/craft, swimming or home duties related.This was a happy, happy time.

These odd things from my past reminded me to really take in my journey, acknowledge the enormity of what I have achieved and am achieving, no matter how big or small they seem...instead of just skipping on to the next thing. And how happy I feel when working towards a goal.

Thank you memories....


Serena said...

you look very happy and proud to be a brownie in the pic. well done on your swimming achievements at only 10 years old. :)

Pam Aries said...

Hi that photo. You look too cute. I thought of you last night..watching Discovery channel show on Tarantulas in Australia! know me always with the wildlife. i shoulda been a zookeeper or wildlife photographer. hope you are doing well and have fun at the retreat.