Tuesday, March 10, 2009

h for hamish

Ironic isn't it? Last week I did this commission for a naming present....for Hamish.Thankfully Cyclone Hamish was gone out to sea at this stage and we are experiencing some bearable wind and rain. The piece for baby Hamish was calming and I found the colours soothing....

A stitched card to match, I had lots of fun with these.

Another green commissioned artwork, must be in a green phrase at the moment! This mixed media painting is hanging in the showroom of Hervey Bay Cabinet Craft.They have recently renovated and put in some beautiful, modern kitchen and vanity displays. This is where my husband works, he's a kitchen designer.


Some other creative goodies I've put together in the last week...if ever I get stuck as what to get for my daughters friends for birthday presents I put together journal gift. This time around I bought a journal, pencil case, watercolour pencils (I love these for my own kids, because of the lack of paint to clean up) and some brushes.

And I revamped this bag. It had water damage around the top near the handle, so it got BuBued with fabric flowers and beads. Today I'm finalizing my packing, got to weigh my suitcase...to see if I can pack more or take some out.I'm guessing it will be the latter!

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