Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Be Who You Are

< align="center"> be who you are

< align="center"> be who you are (detail)
I feel its of the paintings I've been working on. Be Who You Are...starring the drawing of my favourite dress, lots of texture, some lace and lace imprints, collaged paper and a page from a 1930's book called The School Girls Annual. The writing is about looking your best, and even in the 1930's the article was encourage women to find their own style instead of following the trend. This happily resonated with me and fitted well with the theme of the painting.It is heading off to an exhibition at the end of next month. I loved creating this piece it seemed to ignite the freedom within me and I felt a real sense of letting go and allowing the mediums to do their own thing....

< align="center">moon daisy, grow with me

Almost finished, just a little time to see if there is anything else to add or adjust...Moon Daisy, Grow with Me.

I enjoyed trying something a little different although it felt totally scared gluing on original drawings...what if something happened to them? what if the ink runs? what happens if I get paint of them? what happens if the medium is lumpy underneath? I took a deep breath and reminded myself that whatever happened was part of the creative process and trusted that it is all as its meant to be...mis~ takes and all. And this trust wasn't misplaced....I am delighted with the risk I took.Frightening and exciting at the same time, how else do you get to grow as an artist or a person if you don't take risks, experiment and move through the 'what ifs?'

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