Wednesday, April 25, 2007

beads & buttons

This is a beaded necklace I made last night. I've incorporated buttons and painted canvas to give it a unique art/textile twist. I wore it today for the photo shoot with Anna and Kym.... oh my goodness, so much laughter and tears of laughter. I was exhausted after, would you believe 163 photos. Got to love digital cameras! I'd love to post some of the 'caught in the moment' shots.

From time to time I make one of pieces like the necklace above. So if your interested in buying something unusual and original stay tuned. I have both Paypal and Eftpos/Credit card facilities.


Holly Stinnett said...

Ooooh.... this is a gorgeous shot. You have really captured how beautiful this piece is. I hope you're wearing it today!!!

Kym Breeze said...

Hello, was it really that many, I had so much fun didn't realize!!!!Am practicing for the next one love you!!!

violette said...

oh this is a gorgeous necklace Nic! I love it. I'd love to see some pics of the shoot......sounds like a fun day! You probably looked awesome in this fanciful neckpiece. Have you submitted to Somerset Studios .....ALtered Couture and their Jewelry editions??? Your stuff would be awesome there!