Saturday, April 28, 2007

creative cherry child

Cherry Blossom Hill

This painting is very significant in my journal of Creativity. I finished painting it last night, although it has been with me for a while, I got a visual reminder in a fleeting second from a kids cartoon my children where watching a couple of days ago.(The photo was taken inside because it is rainging today!Horray!)

Creativity, no matter what form it comes in, originates from our childhood. And for me I remember feeling so much joy and accomplishment after doing a collage with my mum at our farm. It was on light green paper (all my drawings where on this colour as there was a ream of it , seemingly an endless stream). My mum, myself and my brother went and collected blossom flowers from our trees. They were planted in between almond trees. I collected dark pink, light pink and white. Then mum helped me draw a tree and I glued on the flowers. It felt good and the memory still feels good.

Some of the shapes that are coming to me in my paintings are quite child like, it reminds me of the freedom I had as a child to draw without it having to be like adults see it. And anyway who said that adults are always right?

The thing that we most enjoyed as a child is the essence of our creativity now. And for me it was a wonderful experience to get in touch with that again. Judy Wise also talks about her childhood creative experiences here.(scroll down to Notes On Style)

Everybody is creative...creativity doesn't just mean art. How are you Creative?

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Pam Aries said...

Hi Nic! What a cool, fun painting! You are so creative!...I am so glad to have my computer back! I have a new email address too...