Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunsets on the good stuff

Why do we let the sun go down on the things that are good for us? A question I've been asking myself the last few days. I know what works for me, what makes me feel good, what feeds my body and my creative soul, but sometimes I allow that to slip by. Through tiredness, through being there for everyone else, resistance and just because things in life happen.

I'm making a conscious effort to pull all things back into my day that I know my soul benefits from.Chi Gong, Pilates, eating more fruit, connecting more with friends, painting and journaling...

I feel like its been forever since I journaled in a visual way. I know on all levels that this feeds my soul. I'm pledging to myself that I am worth looking after and I deserve to be living the best life I can be.

I'm also acknowledging that life happens. and it's all ok.

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