Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Letter from My Soul

Enough self Love

Dear Ego,

Thank for being the best teacher I could ever hope, wish, dream for. Truly in the last few days I have seen myself in a light that I had not been aware of before. In this moment I am feeling humble and quiet having the ability to reflect and observe without judgment. I can know see these disowned parts, the parts that were trying to make their way to the surface, wanting to let me know my inner messages.... 'you are not enough because. you don't love me because'.

You have given me a gift beyond words. A mirror for me to see my true self. I saw my vision.Of how I see things in my heart, the dream of how I would truly love to live me life.What I call my soul life, my authentic life. Life as I know it could be. And I saw the other side. My disowned traits, in all their glory. A place where I learn so much about who I am.

I saw my unloved fragments.

No better gift. Now I can acknowledge the places where I don't love myself enough. and make changes. For with awareness comes the ability to know what to change.....

Loving myself when its tough. Loving myself when it feels that no one else does.Loving myself when things dont go 'right'.Loving myself when sales are down. Loving myself enough when I've had a challenging day at work. Loving myself when a conversation goes awry. Loving myself regardless of whats going on around me. Loving myself through the lack and mis-takes.

Loving myself unconditionally.

This is the true meaning of Self Love. Practice it.Daily. There are many rewards.

with all my love

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Jacky said...

I will try Nic...Wonderful post...really gets one thinking.

I have this Sark quote on my fridge "Love imperfectly" ...I try to live by that each day.

Take care lovely girl.

Jacky xox