Monday, November 1, 2010

interview with my soul

something has shifted. its huge. and it feels amazing. like a flow of love bursting from my chest. i know where its come from. the realization of the extent of my creativity.

yesterday whilst reading matties social circle some of her words hit me. you know how that happens sometimes. a few words. one sentence, can have so much power in them. Her sentence of " I love my artsy life' resonated deep within me and I found myself saying over and over "I love my creative life" felt soooo good to be saying it. in the midst of labeling and a messy studio, preparing to go away for a few days to exhibit....truly i am up to my arm pits in my creativity. but have i not been loving it?

after some deep dreaming last night i woke with a cold soar. not good. this usually happens when i'm run down or angry. this morning i realized my body and ego was not liking those new messages i've been giving it. "i love my creative life'.

in a nutshell, this is what I've learnt,what i do doesn't change the fact that i am a creative soul in actual fact all that i do enhances my creativity and who i am. i finally feel that i can embrace all of my creativity. and i mean ALL. i can step into the person i've always wanted to be. like trains soul sister 'i can be myself now finally, in fact there is nothing i can't be, i want the world to see..'

yes, i can now believe myself when i say 'i love my creative life'....


Julia said...

Yes!, Yes!...I agree....I looove what I am doing every day long as I am adding a even a tiny bit of art making...sometimes its just a few minutes of sketching while waiting for a client...I feel I am fulfilled, not to mention the weekends spent up till all hours painting and collaging...I HAVE A YUMMY LIFE!>>xx..julia

Suzanne said...

That's fabulous. What a great thing to say. Good for you.