Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Island Girls have Returned.

Brenda, Ashana and Myself

Yes the 3 of us have returned from an amazing time away.It was a time of much sharing, learning, laughing with joy, teaching and touching each others hearts in a way that only kindred spirits know how. I feel we all gained a richness of spirit, a deeper knowing of our creativity and our selves. Many creative blocks were dissolved, longings embraced and worlds opened up.....ahhh.

Here we are about to leave port with our creative juju beating in our hearts, awaiting the adventure before us.

Pulling out of the Habour.

As the boat approached Fraser Island, I caught a glimpse of a dolphin gliding through the water. A wonderful welcome by Mother Nature to the Island. Over the next few days we settled in and found our creative rhythm. The 3 of us easily filled the table with a wonderful array of artistic supplies, with much sharing of resources. Love that!


Brenda and Ashana were wonderful creative companions, delightfully going to task with all that I asked of them. With many finished projects in hand. We found we all had many things in common.Making for open and enlightening conversation the whole weekend through. Truly a hearts connection.

Brenda's Artwork on Paper
(from Collaged Couture Portraits Workshop)

Brenda's canvas
(from Blooms and Blossoms workshop)

It was a rare treat to be able to give such one on one teaching and encouragement, which was a benefit for all of us. It allowed the freedom to take a walk when the creative spirit was calling out for some time out, or to rest a weary head on a soft nurturing pillow, knowing that there was plenty of opportunity to finish off what was started.

Ashana's canvas "Inspiration"
(from Blooms and Blossoms Workshop)

A huge thanks to both of these special ladies. My experience has definitely been an enriching one. I thoroughly enjoyed my creative time with you. And my heart is filled with joy when I look at what you created. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Wow Nic, wonderful to read, and wonderful to see your "students" create such lovely, creative art work...reflects the talent of the teacher...really nice to see and hear you all had such a heart felt time....You rock girl...2009 your time to shine...big hugs xxx talk soon Kym

venus said...
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brenda grace said...

I could not speak highly enough of Nic's ability to bring out your 'creative juju' as she may put it. I have so longed to achieve what I managed to do in one single weekend with her and Ashana in addition to so much more than I had ever imagined - I feel totally overwhelmed that what seems like mammoth mountains can dissapear as if ice with the right guidance. Bxxx

Julia said...
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Julia said...
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Julia said...

Hi Nic,
I keep forgetting to proof read before I click, lots of spelling errors...LOL
Here goes again..
I think your trip sounded wonderful, wish I was closer and could join in.
I am catching up with Ro, Dot, Patsy, Jacky and Jo, at Ro's house for our art group get together, lots of yummy food, show & tells of all our art doings, and laughter, wish you were here and could join

Anna Bartlett said...

So glad you had a lovely weekend, island girl. I was thinking of you. Having now read your post I think if I'd laid my weary head on a soft pillow I would have slept for the entire weekend! But I look forward to workshopping with you another time when I'm a bit more lively. I'm redesigning my 'grown ups sitting area' around your paintings and some amazing fabric I've got my hands on - can't wait to finish it and share a cuppa on the lounge with you and Kym. Miss you. Anna

Dot said...

What a beautiful post Nic! Loved seeing the photo's of your artistic journey to and at Fraser Island.
It sounds perfect and I know your students would have felt very loved and inspired by you.
Dot xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic

Your students are true artists. You have given them the Tools and Insight they now know is able to be manifested deep from within their souls. YOU ARE A GIFT OF INSPIRATION TO US ALL. Love Jude

Jacky said...

What great art and what great fun!!! And to boot on Fraser Island....bliss.

As Julia said in a previous comment we girls all met up on Saturday (rather rainy and blustery conditions)...isnt the connection you feel with these art friends just amazing!

Jacky xox

Lady Di said...

Nic, the creations you got the others to create over the weekend are incredible ... I would feel so lucky to have created art such as these. Fraser is such a magical place isn't it ... all I wanted was to take a photo of a dingo and then I got the opportunity on the beach, no less ... the photo's on my blog if you want to see. Oh, and let me know when you're next running a workshop in your home town ... I'd love to make the trip up to see you.

Pam Aries said...

Fabulous! What a way to spend an art weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!
Nothing quite like a kind and gracious soul to pass on skill and inspiration!
Love you Nic and I love what you do!!

Ro Bruhn said...

So glad you had a wonderful time Nic, the luxury of two students and getting to know them. They certainly created some beautiful art.