Sunday, May 24, 2009

what I have is enough

some lavender my neighbour passed over the fence

an 'aha' light bulb moment smashed me across the head this morning! wow did I really get it. what I have is enough.

I have often seen myself being, doing , having so much more than where I am right now. Mostly in terms of my creativity. There are things I want to achieve and the hardest part is being patient and allowing things to happen as the Universe intended. Something I have struggled with.

This week I have felt most happy in my creativity. I've been allowing myself to create what ever came to me. Sewing a doll as a gift for a new friend, started some knitting for the beloveded Grrl and really loving the diversity.Too often I've tried to categorise myself, putting myself into a box of this or that. And it so doesn't work. I have even wished that I could only do one creative thing, to narrow my focus....but I'm aware this doesn't work for me either.

Being creative in many ways is a blessing...and I can see that in Stephanie Lees blog. Not only does she create beautiful jewellery, she works in plaster, writes and journals and paints....and there is a common thread through all.

So this morning I surrendered, told the Universe I'm handing things over, giving up control and trusting with all my heart. Then it came to me. What is wrong with me? Can't I see that I have enough. I really felt it. Reading and knowing is one thing. But to really feel it on every level is another.

I got it Universe. I can see I am blessed with all that I have. Now I am in a place of true gratitude.


Jacky said...

You really have been diversifying...looking forward to seeing some of the knitting and the doll!!!
I get where you're coming from Nic. I tend to be so busy doing so many different things ...that I often wonder what I am really meant to do? Should I focus on one aspect of my art more than another? I'm a bit of a flibberty gibbert I think... dabbling in everything...but thats must me I suppose.
What a lovely gift the lavender from your neighbour next door.

Jacky xox

Lady Di said...

Your words move me so much.

Julia said...

Yes, I feel it too.
That just being able to have the time and space that I do have, to do what I do, is such a blessing, you know that movie, "What if this is as good as it gets?"...well, I tell myself that alot lately, so that I remember to see how to honour every moment, and to let go and do anything I want, not always be following "my own" set up rules and regulations about having to define my art, and only focus on that....