Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good things.

Its not as bad as what I thought. Thank goodness. It is a little concerning when a computer turns itself off. But my new computer man assures me it just needs a good clean and some updates. Phew. Had some great conversation about Mac computers with him, I have always been fascinated with Macs and their creative capacity. Turns out there is a Mac group that gets together in the Bay area for information nights. Might see myself there next gathering.

Have a look at this new collage on fabric, on canvas board.I've used lots of goodies from my treasure trove. I have found a use for pattern papers. I love the texture and the print on it. Makes a great background layer. Some doily lace and photo print outs. It hangs by some silk ribbon and buttons.

This and some fabric tags and a couple of clutch bags shall be for sale on my website on Monday. Going to wait for Mercury to go direct so I can have clear communication and computer ease.

A gift. A doll with a paper face. I'm not one that usually does fairy creations but this little lady came together almost on her own. She came together with lovely patients, which is unusual for me. In the past I've felt myself rushing to get something finished. Lately its been different and I'm happy to take more the sense of urgency has slowed down. That is a good thing. Definitely.


Kathleen said...

She's gorgeous with a capital G!

morganna said...

Lovely doll!

Jacky said...

Wow Nic.... your fabric doll is absolutely beautiful!!! Such a gorgeous serene face and the most beautiful colours of the sea. Perfect embellishment too!

Jacky xox

Dot said...

Your creativity is on a roll dear friend! Yuor new collage is beautiful - those colors sing to me. And your doll is lovely. She looks very dreamy.
Good idea to wait until Mercury Retrograde is finished untul you list your new goodies on your website.
Have a great weekend!