Thursday, April 2, 2009

what is success?


I feel I am getting a little closer to my own last. I have read so many self help books that ask what does success mean to you? and I never had any idea. Sure there is a long list of some 'things' but it didn't feel real. Until last weekend.

I had a great time at the art show opening and connected with lots of wonderful friends....however the conversations around the room reflected a not so positive time for buying art. By the end of the night I was a little tired of listening to why there were not as many 'red dots' as last year. Many artists find it challenging not to compare themselves with others who have sold or why they have sold previously, but not this time around. Thankfully I have learnt to see the bigger picture and try not to get into those mind is not always about the art itself.

I had a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my 4 hour trip home.....and it came to me. Success for me is about me setting my own goals and doing the best job I can to move towards it. And with that revelation I could see that I had many successes in this trip to Toowoomba.What a relief!

A couple of creative girlfriends did indeed have sales at this show btw, congrats Anna, Kym and Amanda....for proving great art is still selling!

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Jacky said...

Hi Nic, lovely post (and I love that first image in the beautiful).
Sounds like you had a very positive experience all round at the art show...must be lovely to immerse yourself in art like that (sort of like at the retreat, but at another level).
I've really enjoyed reading back through you posts about the retreat, all the wonderful ladies and all of that positive energy...we were all loving it!
Glad to hear you are going again next too, so look forward to catching up again.

Sending you a warm pink hug.

Jacky xox