Saturday, April 4, 2009

CSR goodbyes

Day three at the CSR (seems like such a long time ago already).......I was in the lovely DJ's Fabric Collage class. She is such a caring and compassionate teacher, great informative demo's and process to try, where messy is good...Got to love that!. Lots of great new techniques to take home with me.... then it all seemed to end so quickly. With bags and materials packed we all headed for the door. Home would bound.

Here are a few pics taken over the weekend....

Liz (aka Miss Oddity) who I found not that odd at all. She said that she'll have to try harder....working to all hours of the night.

Maryce, Diana and I.. go the Queenslanders!

Dot and I were in DJ's class together on the last day.

Ruth has an amazing warm energy that I could feel when I stood by her.

Robyn and Bevlea, biding goodbyes.

The last of the group to depart.
There were many other amazing women that crossed my paths, that I didn't get photos with. Denise, Deb, Jacky....
Creative Soul Retreat was certainly a treat for me, I loved being creative for 3 solid days. I loved being a student and learning from 3 amazingly talented American women. I loved meeting other women who were into this creativity. I loved it all.......mostly I loved that I found my tribe. Feeling that I found were I fit in, were my creativity fits into the pocket of this amazing mixed media world. Am I going back next next year? You bet, can't wait for more heart felt conversations, great learning and awesome connections....on all levels.


Lady Di said...

Nic, I adore your fabric collage ... the painting is beautiful. The picture of you all at the end is a hoot. I'm also going back next year to deepen those connections.

Lucy said...

Hi Nic,
Your fabric collage is beautiful.
Loved looking at all the photos.
Looking forward to seeing you next year!
Hugs Lucy

Ro Bruhn said...

Love your collage, Dj has some wonderful techniques. It's funny you used your peppercorn tape from the Aldi tea towels on your necklace and I have used some in my DJ journal. Recycling rules.

Cathee said...

wonderful very nice to stop and look at in my journeys!! hugs Cathee in SC USA

Serena said...

Your collage is beautiful! I love DJ's work....lucky you doing a class with her!

Dot said...

Hi Nic

Your collage from DJ's class is gorgeous. Love the colors and composition (and wish I could touch it through the screen).

Dj was a honey wasn't she?

Love the photo's you shared (and smiled at the one of us together - we look very happy).

Loved Ro's comment about recycling rules (I agree!).

Dot xx