Friday, December 12, 2008

Responsible Energy

Some time ago I watched this TED story about Jill Bolte Taylors experience and found it totally amazing! on many levels.For those of you how haven't seen it, it is well worth the 18 minutes of viewing. This week I caught some of her interview with Oprah. One of the many interesting things that ignited a spark with in me was the fact that when she was in hospital she was unable to communicate because of her stroke, but she was able to feel the energy of everyone who came into the room, and whether they brought healing, loving energy with them. (Jill has written a book about her experience, sounds fascinating!)

The point Jill and Oprah were making was "Be responsible for the energy you bring with you." This really struck a cord with me. And particularly at this time of year; energy of rushing around, unmet expectations and lots of emotions.

What you give out you get back, so what am I giving out? I am choosing to send out lots of love, peace and calmness. ..and be responsible for my energy (I've worked in retail at this time of year and things can get a bit ugly!)

So it is with an open heart that I send you love, warm wishes and heartfelt joy. May you have an inspired and peaceful lead up to Christmas.

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Serena said...

Thank you, Nic ~

I watched the TED video of Jill some time ago and was blown away by her experience. I have been doing a lot of soul connection for a while now and I am feeling such grounding within.

I extend my warm, caring and loving wishes to you also for a safe and blessed Christmas season.

love, light and peace,