Saturday, December 20, 2008

More nesting

collection 2

This is what I've been putting my creative energy into this week. Cleaning and tidying and creating beautiful spaces in our home. I realised that it doesn't matter where we are, we create the environment we live in with the energy we give it. Between this and getting ready for Christmas and spending time with our children it has been a full, but relaxed week. Thank goodness.

I'm tidying photos on the computer and lots of loose bits and pieces. It feels good to be moving towards the end of the year with this energy. For those of you who followed My Humming Heart Blog, (my other blog) I've transferred all the information to this blog. Consolidating! and any thing that I wrote about there you will now find here.....

I have just put a roast in the oven We are celebrating an early Christmas here, so we can spend Christmas Day with the rest of our family members. Its been great! Kids are happily playing and Darryl is watching Get Smart...and Loving it. I've just escaped for a quite moment on my own!


Serena said...

It sounds like a perfect day, Nic!

I am a sucker for greens and blues together...these pics are AWESOME!

Jacky said...

Love the images in this post... that beautiful cutlery, the fruit and then the beautiful collection of blue and green beads in those beautiful silver jugs...beautifully offset by that wonderful piece of pottery.
What wonderful nesting instincts you have.

AND you're coming along to the Creative Soul Retreat...looking forward to seeing you there.