Friday, September 12, 2008

knowing myself a little better

Today I could have quite easily fallen into a pit of lethargy, self doubt and confusion. I was very aware that this energy is in the Universe at the moment, and I was feeling a sense of loss. But not really knowing what it was about. I felt that getting my body into action would help this block shift. I spent sometime this morning wanting to create but it seemed like my inspiration well was a bit stagnate. So I took myself off to exercise and get my body moving.

I am feeling more intune now, and just starting a project will help get the energy flowing again. I am reminding myself about taking small steps to gain momentum, small steps. Knowing that this works for me when I'm feeling wishy-washy is a great thing. I am getting to know myself better, day by day.

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Kate said...


I find that movement helps me too. I like to put on music and just dance around the house. It seems to increase my energy and then I really want to create.