Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthdays & Blast off!

Happy birthday all you Virgos! I seem to have a number of friends who are celebrating their birthdays this month. So if you are a Virgo baby, may you celebrate your special day with much love. I made these rosettes for birthday gifts for my sweet girlfriends. They are brooches so they can be pinned on to anything! clothes, hats, belts, even a journal !

Yesterday I took a bit of a plunge into the unknown.... I went and did a session at a gym. I've always resisted gyms, I guess for their structure and for my lack of fitness! I have always preferred Pilate's and yoga, but lately I've felt like I haven't been pushing myself enough or that I needed to up my tempo. and not just physically I've had comfortable mud caked to my feet and everything is so slow to get moving. Well not any more! I love the fact the gym sessions are only half hour. Really manageable time wise, and I can go and do my circuit anytime setting my own pace. After my second visit today I felt really motivated. Doing things that I've really only put thought into. Its like my energy has been fired up and I'm ready to go.

Lets see where I blast off to!


'fancypicnic' said...

Gorgeous rosettes! I've given you an award - Love reading your blog, Nic. Beautiful!

lou said...

oh i wish i was a virgo and i wish i was your friend! These are ace!