Thursday, August 14, 2008

today it 'clicked'

Whilst finishing this digital collage today, something 'clicked' for me...finally it has all come together; drawing, painting, my astrology studies, my love of nature and photography, my coaching, using the written word, my love of swirls and 'contemporary vintage'. For such a long time I have wondered how it was all going to come together, and I often thought I'd got it, but hadn't really. Maybe this time it's the real feels like it is.

And this has given me hope in my new direction of 'art'. I tried a few things today and not all of them worked but I know I'm on the road of new discoveries. And while it may be slow to start I now 'get' the process, and can happily wade my way through 'til this clicks.

Happy clicks and aha's to you, the energy is definitely in the air!


'fancypicnic' said...

Yes - the big 'AHA!'
I'm doing something completely different now - a world away from studies at art college all those years ago. Now, I wish I'd realised my true direction back then...although this road of discovery is all-consuming, and thoroughly enjoyable!

Serena said...

I wish you all the very best in your new direction of 'art'. I constantly question this the right direction for me? Should I focus on just one area of art or should I enjoy the broader spectrum that art has to offer? I love so many facets so I guess I'm still finding my way.

Btw, the pics are lovely!

Kate said...

Great news that it clicked for you. I love it when you get to a point and say "OH' thats what its about.

By the way I love your banner...