Tuesday, March 11, 2008

totally inspired!

Over the weekend we spent beautiful time with my parents who are currently holidaying in Hervey Bay. It's been delightful to have them around....going home all too soon. We had a lovely lunch together then took a walk out on the 'working' part of the marina. After looking at the Artful Blogging Magazine (I've enjoyed it inside and out, upside down, over and over!) i was inspired to take my photos with a little more 'seeing' and was amazed at the images i captured.

It's kind of like seeing with fresh eyes...seeing the beauty in the old, worn out, useful and the left behind.

Look at the barnacles on the poles!

The net reminded me of a weaving, hanging with beads.

A ladder to a shaky plank.

I've always lived amongst hills, even as a child, and being around water seems almost strange. A little surreal at times. So I'm continuing on with fresh eyes to see what else i can discover....

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