Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pisces energy

We are currently in the month of March with a Pisces Sun giving wonderful warm energy to inspire our creative souls. Pisces energy when used in its functional form is gentle, spiritual and imaginative. It can help us to create with sensitivity that flows through from a Higher Source. You may have felt this energy when an inspiration comes to you and not sure where its come from. You get to stand back after creating and go"Wow did I really do that?"
Yes you did!
You may also find that this energy keeps you addicted and also has the ability to self-sabotage.This can be challenging to see. Some of us have more or less of this energy, depending on where the planets are when we are born....but we can all use the Sun's energy to make great inspired art, photography, dance and music by listening to the guidance within. May just need to go quitely hear what is being said.

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