Sunday, September 9, 2007

Spilling Over, Pouring Out
2 canvases 30cm x 30cm each
Acrylic on Canvas
I had a lovely get together with Sarah on Friday who has her own stamp business, Papercraft Studio. It was really expanding for me to see how designs and drawings can be made up into stamps. Sarah was wonderful sharing her knowledge and if you ever want your own stamp made up, she is the lady to see. I purchased one of her lace stamps, to try it out and it is featured on one of her scrapbook pages at her blogspot. I'm thinking how stamp designs fit in with the direction I'm heading, creating them with my own designs to sell. I realised that I don't need to have it all worked out in my head.....if it feels good and I'm following my intuition the rest will fall into place. So may be you might see some Nic Hohn stamp designs.
Friday night I went to Maryikas opening, New Conversations. Some fantastic new work, a variety of mediums, printmaking and painting. It is being showcased at Feather and Lawry Design Gallery.
The TV coverage yesterday was great and our artwork got featured with the presenter.Hooray!
On Tuesday I am at Scrapbook Obsessions, teaching a Visual Journal Class if you would like you join me please contact me.
I'm off to the Shiny Happy Art Studio today, a lovely sunny Sunday. Enjoy your sunshine today

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