Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's Pouring Art

Wow, what a week. I've been productive on lots of levels, commissions, a number of natal chart astrology readings for clients,enquiries, painting for an upcoming exhibition and some great publicity. The Chronicle (the local paper) was here yesterday doing a story on my jewellery and artwork, in view for the Diva section (do you believe it?) Seemed like there was some great shots taken, so now I'll just wait and to see the article.

In April I did a Painting on Site at the Chocolate Shop here in Highfield's with the Crea8 guys... and Queensland Weekender from Channel 7 TV was there to feature the Cafe.They did some filming of us painting in the garden. No doubt the Universe lined us up on that day. Anyway it is going to be aired on this Saturday, 8th September, 5:30.

I'm feeling a little tired, so I'm off to bed....lovely warm and cosy for a nurturing nights sleep.

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violette said...

I'm so happy things are going so well for you Nic! Your art and jewelry really ROCK!

Love, Violette