Monday, August 20, 2007

Daisy Days

I'm excited....although I feel like a bit of a novice, as I've just uploaded my first image to my etsy site. This is the second daisy clip I've made, I have one myself and just love wearing it. Its made from denim and artists canvas. I recently bought a short denim pinafore (is that what they're called?) maybe over skirt....anyway I love wearing my denim daisy with other denims.

This is a photo of me on the farm when I was about 5....with my pet lamb, called Lambsy. What else do you call a lamb when your 5? I loved making daisy lambsy and I are both adorned with these treasures. My artwork has reflected daisy shapes and it has only been recently that I made the connection to this memory. Maybe that's why I love wearing my daisy clip.

Blue jeans are the most beautiful thing since gondolas.DIANA VREELAND

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Inspired Tokens said...

Love the daisy clip, love the little lamb! ...Alice