Friday, April 6, 2007

Baked in Sunshine

Baked in Sunshine
I feel great about this artwork. getting back to my textile roots and loving it. I created this piece by first using some surface design techniques on canvas, tracing patterns and then cutting out....using it just like fabric. And I felt immensely fulfilled. During the creation of this piece I washed the canvas with water, and then placed it is the sun to dry, and it was 'baked in sunshine'.
I love the way the flower shape extends off the edge of the canvas.

This is a close up of the canvas, the background is a reddy colour, and whilst there is about 80 cut out flowers, I enjoyed cutting out every single one.

I've been exploring some online journals of other textile artists and discovered a number of Australian, very talented designers. Have a look at Pyglet Whispers and Cheeky Beaks ,
Kirin Notebook. All very inspiring.

"Inspiration is all around us, if we just look with different eyes"

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