Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cleaning up my desk....

Yes the time has come..I am cleaning up my act. Yesterday I had some work done on the car, I can now open the drivers door with out having to open the window first. It also got a vacuum and a wash. It feels so good to be driving it. I have also cleaned up my desk and computer/work area.And I found some images I'd been holding onto because I found them intriguing and inspiring.

The image above is Lyn Gardener. She is a vintage store owner 'Empire Vintage'. I just love her hair and her shop goodies look delicious.Along those similar themes is another favourite of mine
Alannah Hill a fashion goddess.

This is a painting of Kisho Tokutomi.Beautiful elegant images of women, I love her sweeping gracefulness. I've kept these on my desk for a while now, so I can share and move on, clearing the space for some new.

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