Friday, July 20, 2007

Red Bubble

Red Bubble....what is it I hear you ask? It is an on line gallery where you can purchase my art from directly, in the form of greeting cards, laminated prints, mounted prints, canvas prints and framed prints. And I'm working on some t-shirts too!Sound exciting? I certainly am!!

There is lots of flexibility in the purchase of the products, not only with the type of prints but you also get to choose the size, colour of the matt board, colour of frames.And there is also foreign currency buying available. When you go to have a look at my Bubble click on the image, then the buy button and all the product options come up across the's very cool.And this business is based in Australia, although the network is worldwide! Love that global thing!

If you have any feedback to pass on, about how you found the site please email me and I will be regularly updating images for sale. A big thank you to Karen (who is an amazing photographer, you can check out her bubble here) greatly appreciated!

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