Thursday, July 5, 2007

The How

I wanted to share with how I come to create these heart paintings. I begin with painting the background with a paint brush, applying the paint straight onto the canvas. This allows the brush to mix the colour on the surface of the canvas. The next stage is to dip my fingers straight into a pot of paint and rub it across the canvas, in this case it is a number of reds blended together. Also using a squirty water bottle to help the colours run together. To create the heart, I choose a colour and squirt it straight from the bottle on to the canvas, then use my hands to spread the colour, again dipping my hand into pots of paint, and using both right and left hands.
It's usually about this time that the phone rings and there is a mountain of paint running down my elbows. The thing about creating this way, is to be brave enough to do less, and to just allow the paint to do its own thing. It is so tempting to fiddle and fuss and add more. I guess the old adage about less being more is true with this type of artwork.It allows the inspiration to flow through me, rather than me controlling the outcome.

Controlling only ever got me what I thought I wanted,

Letting go gave me so much more than I could have ever imagined.

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