Friday, September 16, 2011

that funky boutique

OMGosh! aren't these THE most beautiful eco decor you've ever seen. I certainly think so!! these divine cushions are made by the very talented Angie and can be found at that funky boutique etsy. 'Each one is a one of a kind sewn from recycled felted wool &/or cashmere sweater knits.' that's so clever, I can just imagine snuggling into this tactile rainbow.

Truly I'm in love with anything that's eco, recycled or reused AND beautiful. These most definitely are. Call me superficial if you may, but paper bag brown eco just doesn't do it for me...and why should it when there are beautiful choices like Angie's delightful cushions.

*ps. I've nearly finished up loading to my website, not long now until my shop shall be open and you can see what I've been creating!!

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Wini said...

Hi Nic, thank you for visiting me and for your lovely compliment!! I agree that these cushions are gorgeous and so feminine too. And what a bonus that they are eco as well! Looking forward to the opening of your new shop! Wini xo