Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Green is the New Black

For all you Melbournites, I hear a great exhibition is on at the Queen Victoria's Women Centre. Green is the New Black features eco fashion, ranging from organic fabrics to recycled hand made accessories. They also have had supporting workshops, biz and design...get your glad rags on and have a look! If I had wings I'd be there in a instant!!

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WrightStuff said...

Kind of freaky and I promise I'm not a stalker, but I dreamt about you last night! I guess you had crept into my subconscious because I saw a link to this post yesterday. Anyway, last night I dreamt I was in the supermarket and I saw a magazine by Nic Hohn. I bought it! It was a creative type magazine - but you know what dreams are like... confusing stuff!

Anyway, just had to tell you! If you're thinking about launching your own mag then this must be a sign!!