Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovefest of Hearts

My Heart

Here are the beautiful hearts I received from a Heart swap I was part of in Feb with some of the Australian Art Sisters group. Truly the amount of loving creativity that has gone into them is amazing. Maybe you can get a feel for the details and texture through the close up pics.


Vanessa Henry

Thanks girls for a fabulous love fest of heart creating!


Barb said...

They are all wonderful!...well done ladies!

Kasha Rolley said...

It was fun being part of the swap and the returns were outstanding.

Audrey said...

Amazing Nic. These are all truly truly beautiful and to be treasured :-)
Thanks for sharing.

Audrey x

Natalie Jean (Bottoms) Kelsey said...

Just lovely!

Jacky said...

Nic they all look so beautiful! What a fantastic swap...and fantastic photo's too.

Jacky xox

Suzanne said...

Those are all beautiful, and so different.