Saturday, March 19, 2011

embracing the world

Sometimes its easy to stay in my own little cocoon, but every emerging butterfly has to come out to the world at some time. I’m consciously making an effort to connect and be involved in things going on outside my studio, home and family. there always seems to be so much going on here! But when something really inspiring comes along, I love to jump in whole heartedly. this swap was one of those ( and there is another I’d love to share with you soon too!)

This was the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap 3 was one of those. Organized so loving and efficiently by Beth Nicholls. And I received an amazing postcard created by Amanda from Seattle.

postcard swap from Amanda Allen

Amanda takes the most amazing video footage + photos. I’m always intrigued by other people’s artistic gifts and loved watching this clip. Amanda filmed the behind the scene doco of this music clip…living in the subtropics of Australia makes watching this snowy landscape all the more fascinating.And her photo's are Amazing.

postcard swap from Amanda Allen

I'm so grateful Amanda, huge thanks and I love your message .... and I got to create one for Pam who lives in Florida. I couldn't resist using my big haired girl, with lots of thready goodness hanging off. And there are more pics here

postcard swap

yep, connecting outside of our cocoon is a good thing, here's to embracing the world....


Jacky said...

I love your 'big haired girl'...this looks like an amazing swap.
Sure is great to get outside your own little cocoon.


Jacky xox

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Great postcard Nic, I am sure your swap recipient will love it. Good on your for stepping outside your cocoon

Suzanne said...

I love the postcard you're holding. Can we see a closeup of that?

Kat W said...

I've seen this stitched postcard swap on a couple of blogs & really like the idea & results. I like the thread textures & details. Lovely.

Kat :-)

beth said...

These are gorgeous! I love tall ships - what a wonderful idea for the postcard. And your art is always so dreamy... Linked to this on the Do What You Love facebook page here:
Thanks so much for joining in!