Tuesday, February 8, 2011

making pressies are there own gift

annas pressie
a pressie for a special friend

I love to make presents for my friends birthdays. there is something special that happens when I create a gift to give. maybe its the unbridled emotion + affection, maybe its the freedom of allowing what ever to come up because I know they are going to love it regardless, or maybe its a sense of playfulness + unlimitedness. I always feel incredibly fulfilled after....its a great filling up of my soul.

this pressie is going to a very special arty friend who's having a special number birthday celebration. I got this in the post today for her. I know she won't be here to peek. She'll be busy planing + making for her fancy dress party, Cowboys + Indians (truly she is the events Queen. you should see what she does for her kids parties!) I'm sorry I won't be there, but I'm sure it will definitely be a blast!!

So my darling Anna, Happy Birthday for tomorrow....


Jen Crossley said...

Oh Nic this is such a special gift and from the heart.Your friend is so Lucky I wish I was here.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Lovely gift Nic. Your friend is really lucky

Anna Bartlett said...

Thank you so much! I love it and am figuring out where to put it right now! (Sophia and I unwrapped it together last night, and as she's turning 4 in July, she knew the number and loved the whole hugs and kisses thing. It was a very special mother-daughter moment. An extra gift from you!) Big party planning going on now. The count down is on!