Monday, January 31, 2011

try it and see if it fits

embracing yellow
my palette with a yellow/orange wipe

things are taking shape a little differently here... yellow is starting to creep into my artwork. thats a good thing as I've never really been too fond of yellow.bright yellow. but it feels like its here for me to try. to see how it fits into my palette of blues, greens + pinks. to embrace my yellowness....

I'm seeing how other things are fitting in too. new things that i have never done before.or even tried to do. like drawing up a schedule. omgosh...I used to cringe at that word. my resistance was always huge! and my resentment for having to stick to my own time was off the Richter scale.even without a schedule. so I get that this is a monumental shift for me. to even contemplate it. I am being kind to myself, putting in a sprinkling of self rewards and a splash of color....I've just started my second week and found google calendar quite friendly (thanks Amy for the suggestion). scheduling was something that was suggested in Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons. my suggestion is do it when you feel ready and open to giving it a good chance, or else it shall well and truly be flicked to the wall.

My other newness is happily waking at 5am and spending an hour with myself. for myself. on myself. by myself. reading, exercising, taking care of myself....and its awesome. has taken quite a bit of self discipline to get there though, but I know I am worth it.

my other omgosh is that I'm creating a biz plan. yep its true. I'm working my way through The Creative Entrepreneur. again taking quite a bit of self discipline but I'm getting there.

and helping me along the way are these books. this one in the morning. and this one in any spare minute I have.

that phrase keeps popping into my head..

if you always do what you've always done then you'll always get what you always got.

not me. I'm singing up for the New + the Untried!


jacqueline said...

Dearest nic, i love the yellownes you are embracing in your artwork. Thank you so much for sharing your suggestion to working on a schedule. I really really need that! And i've been trying to wake up a little early at 5am to work on some creations before heading to day job but i have failed in all my attempts soo far. lol I'm currently embracing my new line of fashion accessory ~ sweet and feminine with a taste of cuteness. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Alison said...

Hi Nic, love the colours and love the fact you are reading 'Simple Abundance'! I worked through it journalling along in 2009 and what a year that turned out for me! The year I discovered the artist within with the help and guidance of your wonderful workshops. It was also the year I, along with my darling husband, made the decision to take a risk and step on out of our comfort zones by heading to the UK for a year (looking more like two!). I am still benefitting from the abundance I found and am still finding! XXX

Audrey said...

Hi Nic,
This all sounds marvellous and very exciting! Change is afoot & you are the force behind it! :-)
Simple Abundance is a beautiful book, it inspired me to begin a Gratitude Journal many years ago, for that I'm grateful. The Creative Business book looks very inspiring too, I may get myself a copy...totally identify with much of what you wrote..I guess it must be to do with the artist/logic brains!! Your gorgeous painting arrived today - loving it - thank you so much - will send you a photo real soon. Best of luck with all the inspiration & changes...enjoy!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I just love Simple Abundance, in fact I just downloaded and listened to a two part interview as podcasts with Sarah and Oprah on Oprah's Soul radio show. I read it years ago but this is the second 'message' telling me to read it again. It was such a powerful book for instilling gratitude in my daily life.
I love the thought of getting up at 5am and having a quiet hour just to yourself.
For me sticking to the schedule is the hardest thing but I think it is something I have to commit.

Wini said...

Dear Nic, Good to hear that you are trying new things this year. Good luck with embracing yellow, and working to schedules and doing a biz plan! I don't like schedules either, but am giving it a try. Its helping me to focus and achieve more each day. Enjoy your me time! I totally agree with the quote!