Friday, January 21, 2011

school memories

A pic of me at High School aged 12

my daughter and I have be creatively busy this week, getting her school supplies ready for the new year at school. she is definitely the organized one. possibly takes after her dad in that department....but I am getting better I must say. as we were covering books, labeling pencils and figuring out how and where to put labels on odd things that strangely needed to be labelled, I remember how much time and effort I put into covering my own folders when I was at high school.

loved the mixed media images even then!

I can remember spending days cutting out pictures from my Dolly magazines, taping them down and then covering them with contact.

I dug this one out, I think it was my Year 12 Textile folder...and maybe one of the least covered with pics. Truly I was happy when I all of the folder covered with colour and images. and I'm sure mum was pleased that I was occupied with this task for so long. then I'd be on to covering my pencil tin with pics, which was usually a rectangular bisc tin from Xmas..

my son is not the least bit interested in labeling his supplies, but he is off to high school this year and maybe its just not a priority for him. the end of 7 weeks holidays have come around quick, but the kids and I are both ready!


Anna Bartlett said...

You have hardly changed. All that's missing is a flower in your hair! And WOW for finding a Year 12 folder. Brings back memories for me too. But I feel like my year will start once school does!

Dot said...

Nic - I agree with Anna ; you have hardly changed at all! You were beautiful then and are beautiful now.
Dot xx

jacqueline said...

Nic, i totally agree with these sweet ladies that you have hardly change!! YOu are so beautiful. :) I really enjoyed reading your story down memory lane. :) Love to you!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

That brought back memories Nic, you haven't changed. I was an avid Dolly reader too and loved to decorate all my books and folders. It seemed to make school better