Saturday, January 1, 2011

belief in 2011

mixed media on canvas

i woke this morning with a new feeling in my heart. one of hope and belief. belief in myself and what 2011 holds for me. i don't recall feeling this kind of self belief for a long time. it feels like confidence + a deep knowing rolled into one....and you? what does 2011 hold for you?


amy said...

she is beautiful, nic. i'm experiencing the subtle relief of the same feeling. happy new year ~ happy next moment!

Robin Norgren said...

hi sweet one! The deep knowing definitely comes from FINALLY listening that still small voice and putting one foot in front of the other IN SPITE of the uncertainty....I hear it too! Well done girl!

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous, Nic!

Me - I am just relieved that 2010 is over to be honest. It is all better from here!