Sunday, September 5, 2010

in progress


Finally I've realised that at the top of my list of creating is drawing and it feeds down from there. Its where my collage Goddess come from, portraits for my journaling, focals for my card designs. You'd think I would have caught on earlier, but hey I'm not beating myself up about it. Instead I'm cracking the whip and getting some portraits on paper.

I decided to challenge myself, lord knows why, and draw a profile image.It took me all day but I'm happy with the outcome. and I shall try more 'til they feel as comfortable as the face to front images. the more drawing I do, the better they get....just one of those things I've got to keep at.

Stemming from these couple of Goddess drawings are a new series of mixed media works that I'm creating for the Christmas Fair. Shall share those soon.

Also in the pipe line is a weekend workshop coming up for the local crew. A few more details to firm up, but I am WAY excited about whats coming together, so stay tuned. Announcement in a few days.

Hope all you Aussies have enjoyed Fathers Day. I'm feeling grateful that I can get some stuff done as the 'Dad' in this home is happily watching a fishing dvd on his own and the rest of us are doing our own thing.


Anonymous said...

your goddess drawings are gorgeous Nic :)

happy sunday :)


Jacky said...

Practice, practice, practice...that's what they say. Meg, that I paint with sometimes on a Friday morning that we should draw something each day.
Your Goddess drawing is beautiful Nic...sounds like a very exciting time for you ahead!!!

jacky xox

jacqueline said...

Nic, your goddess drawings are really pretty!! I'm also working on some christmas ideas for my little shop. Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

Svetlana said...

Great drawing, Nic. How are you? Haven't had time to check on your blog for a while but as I can see some exciting things are happening in your arty life.

Marcia said...

Those are gorgeous!

Lucy said...

Hey Nic,
Your 'goddess' drawings are superb.
LOVE them!
Hugs Lucy

Robin Norgren said...

so many good things coming together for you my friend -I am so happy to be a part of seeing you as you keep moving toward your dream.

Rett said...

Beautiful Goddesses, Nic, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new series of works!

Suzanne said...

I love this. I especially like the hair. The profile is wonderful. She has character and personality.