Tuesday, June 22, 2010

self validation + self promotion

Journal page (oh frustration! I can't get it in the middle or get rid of the link!)

Today a whole bunch of anger has come up. Angry at myself. Angry that I've been painting for 8yrs and feel like I'm not where I want to be. Frustrated that Ive been blogging for 5yrs and at times feel like I haven't connected in a way I'd been hoping to. Angry at myself for hiding under a rock and not being able to speak up about who I am, what I do and what I create.

Angry for not being true to myself.

I've had a few wake up moments.I was shocked yesterday when I discovered I had been blogging for 5 yrs, has it been that long?...shocked this morning when my 9yr old asked me why I was getting out of my house clothes into my 'day' clothes.

"Why are you getting changed mum, your already dressed?" 5 minutes before school drop off. "I'm going to work" was my reply.
"Where do you work?" she asked with a puzzled look on her face, fully aware that I am an artist and I do that from home.
"I work at home and I sell my art from my shop".
"Do people come here to buy your art?" was the quick question....
"I sell on line and people can my buy art from their home".
"oh." happy with that off she went.

Frustration! Why doesn't anybody know what I do?


Because I haven't truly owned it.

All of this emotion and restating who I am and what I do has made me realise how I have been hiding under a rock. How it is only me that can shout to the world about what I do.To validate myself rather than looking at others for it.

No More Hiding!

So you shall hear me talk about my new creative goodies more often and what I'm doing in the artsy world. You'll have more opportunities to buy my luscious wares. you are here because you want to know what I'm doing, I shall happily share. And I'm going to be ok with this, knowing that this is a challenge for me that at times brings up my fear and insecurities.

all is as its meant to be...huge thanks to Olive + Hope for her inspiring post on authentic, loving self promotion.


Lucy said...

Dear Nic,
Have faith in yourself & your art. You are a talented artist, you just have to believe that yourself.
Self promotion is OK!!
I am always looking in your shop for a piece that will pop out & say 'take me, I'm yours!"
BTW, love my 'girls', look at them everyday & they always make me smile.
Hugs Lucy

Jenny Wynter said...

Well, it sounds like the good news is that your frustration has been a motivating force for change!!

And you are making it more real every day, by putting yourself out there (and I'm sure the stuff that's being absorbed - and will continue to digest - from the e-course will be a massive part of that).

Keep going! xx

Jen said...

I can relate to holding back and not owning up to your art. Best wishes with your blog and embracing yourself as an artist. I need to join you ;)

Queen Of Toys said...


You go for it and hang onto what you believe, yes you need to promote and your work it just brilliant and wonderful, spread the word girl because you are an artist and so, so tallented. So believe in yourself and let your wings fly, you deserve it.

Hugs Eliza

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gx

Denise Daffara said...

Hi Nic,

wow, I actually don't go reading many blogs... feels like "i should be painting... not reading etc etc" , but today, with a sore head (self induced) I was about to visit my blog... but saw the little line of posts from ones I follow.

I'm so pleased to have happened upon your post today, I'm right there with you in many ways, and can relate to your frustration and anger...

thanks for sharing from your heart.

I see you.

xx Denise

Stacie said...

Wow!! Your art is really fantastic!! I love color and you have an amazing talent!!! I agree about owning what we do....

Swirly said...

I love this post, and can't wait to see what comes next!

artymarty said...

Look at you creating a girl who is all warriorlike in your journal again. I like this theme.
If it's any consolation, my kids weren't exactly sure of what I do at that age either. Loving your journey

Rett said...

oh so true, Nic - your post made me really think. There are many people in my life who would not think of me as an artist - because I don't own it!
Your art is beautiful, and the world will be better for your promotion of it :)

Audrey said...

Hi Nic

I absolutely LOVE this journal image you've made - she looks so strong & powerful, & very self-assured. You sound like you are transitioning. Exciting times. Your work is beautiful. Well done - & on all the changes you are making (inspired from the e-course?) I get the sense that you are seeing yourself. I'm inspired.
Thank you for sharing & for alerting me to the wonderful fact that Australia now has a female Prime Mininster. Even more inspired.
Onwards & upwards....

Audrey x
(fellow e-course participant)

Dana Barbieri said...

Hi Nic. What a great post and so important for you and all of us creative souls. You know I was re-reading some old issues of CPS and found so many of your lovely art pieces and articles. You should flaunt that too!

Nic Hohn said...

Thanks Dana. I have them on my website..shall post them back here too. CPS has been good to me!

Dot said...

Self promotion is more than OK. You are a talented and loving artist and bring so much joy to the world with your spirit.
I love you.
Dot xx