Friday, April 16, 2010

nurturing my ugly duckling

Queen E

The stretching was worthy it. I came back to seeing what was working and what I was striving for, where I wanted my art to grow and change. And relaxing into it and letting go of the impatients. It was uncomfortable stepping out of my comfort zone to try something different and then to share that with you. I thought about deleting the last post as I knew it wasn't my 'best' work.....but if there is no sharing how do we learn? My previous journal pages feel like a growth spirt. Kind of like when your growing and things are a little un-coordinated, lanky and not all together yet. Its having the courage to see it through and work through the resistance....

What did I learn? to be kind and gentle on myself when going through this growth stage, to be ok with what ever comes out as it undeniably leads to the next stage, to have patients with myself and the process and to stay with it, even when it feels like its not turning out the way I had first invisioned it.

Stay with your ugly duckling, nurture and care, be kind. As she shall surely grow and change into everything you ever imagined.


Jacky said...

Hi Nic,

You are so brave...change can be hard on us cant it? I am doing a lot of painting these days (and its by no means what I envision it is going to be when it is finished). As you say, forge on and your patience will be rewarded.
Thanks for sharing this latest period of change with us all. I'm really enjoying seeing something new evolving.

Have a lovely, bright weekend.

Jacky xox

Anna Bartlett said...

Can you try some sort of tinted glaze over the collaged face? Maybe not an even toned glaze... can you vary the transparency? I think it would 'tie it in' to the gorgeous backgrounds you're creating at the moment. How's that for long distance critiquing of our show and tells? I've just done a truly awful job of 'touching up' a queen of hearts painting. Ruined it. Bugger bugger. You'll see no mention of it on my blog. Not brave enough this week! I miss you and our art chats. Kym and I have a few, but we both miss you. I picture you painting with flowers in your hair. Lovely.

Dot said...

I agree with Jacky Nic - you are so brave. I am loving the new direction your art is going on. You do such lovely (and heartfelt) work.
Much love to you.
Dot xx

IdaDown said...

I think she looks great. She looks relaxed and as though she is also enjoying the process. Thanks for sharing your process: it's so heartening for those of us who are such beginners look forward to seeing more

Pam Aries said...

Sometimes..I have to gesso over the whole thing and re start! yours looks fabulous!