Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sweet Dreams Indian Flower

"Discovered" 30 cm x 30cm canvas

It feels like I'm discovering my way, through ideas and inspirations I've seen in my minds eye for a long time, felt in my creative spirit but not yet been able to put it all together....things changed this week when I followed my inspiration to go to one of my favourite Op Shops....I do so love the thrill of a great find, the unseen potential that others have overlooked and the whirling transformations that give a passed on piece new life.

For the longest time I have wanted to get back to the roots of my art..textiles. I love the feel of fabric, it makes my heart all fluttery. But to use it in an unconventional 'arty' way. When I first started painting, I painted on calico...stretched the frames myself and primed it with gesso... and loved it. It absorbed colour beautifully. I painted with lots of run marks, overlapping glazes, stitched on pieces and just generally enjoyed the surface. Unfortunately calico doesn't 'hold' itself very well on larger frames so I relucantly crossed over to pre-primed canvas.Its much firmer and the surface is less absorbant.

So when I saw this piece of oppurtunity fabric I knew it was time to dive in and trust the process would unfold as it was meant to.

I've almost finished my second canvas, using a different piece of fabric. To test the waters and see if the process creates a just as delightful end result.

Apart from finding fabrics, I spotted a FAB textured knee length pink coat. Its light weight so I might just get a few wears out of it here in winter. Oh I do love those special 'finds'!

ps. Ida Down asked what mediums I've been using for my girl drawings...I usually keep all my art resources pretty simple. The were created on paper from my journal on a gessoed page. I use acrylics, mostly Golden Fluids and greylead pencil and pen with some collage work.


Anonymous said...


I adore all things textile, so I will b watching with excitement..

Jacky said...

Oh YUM... I love this (from another textile addict).

Loving this new work Nic!!!

Jacky xox

Anna Bartlett said...

Love the painting on fabric thing Nic. Have seen it in Brisbane - can't remember the artist - but it really added another dimension. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome...exploring is exciting...and produces some gorgeous go girl! Gxo

IdaDown said...

Thanks Nic. I thought it looked like pencil, but I thought it would smudge when painted over. Mixed media textile is looking great - the joy of experimentation.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Nic this is totally amazing girl I love what you are doing

Nicole said...

the detail is gorgeoous!