Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wow! what a ride

My adventures continued after the class room learning. Sunday was the day I chose not to take classes and take off to the outside world with Dot, Jacky and Shirley... I got to experience more of the Dandenongs and enjoyed some shops and lunch at Sassafras. It felt somewhat cosmopolitan, it had a different energy to it and coming from the Queensland coast I was intrigued to see and feel heavy winter coats. I enjoyed the chill of the mountain air and the delicious company!

Chandeliers have been popping up everywhere for me to enjoy. I would love to have one in my home studio.....This is a woolshop we all enjoyed and I felt immersed in Autumn.

After my adventures out with the girls, Dot drove Shirley and I back to the retreat. Loved my day out girls, thank you dearest Dot and Jacky for taking the time out and driving so we could meet.I caught the bus to the airport with the rest of the CSR girls , waved and hugged goodbye many special friends, both old and new.

A few of us travelled on to the designated motel. And guess who we saw there? More girls from CSR....they came via cars.Sue had just booked in and Dawn, Jen, Christine and were dropping off Kelsey.

My darling friend Gina came to pick me up to spend the night with her and her family. And I knew I would have the best Greek food ever! Lots of laughter and conversation into the night.... however the next morning saw us on the freeway a traffic jam! And yes I experienced one of my greatest fears....I got left behind, missed my flight, with the only connecting flight to Hervey Bay the next morning. After the initial realisation set in that I wasn't going to get home that day I decided to make the most of it and rang Gina to book another night at the Charos resort! News was well received both by Gina and my hubby.

Whilst booking my flight for the next day, guess who I saw? Svetlana. We sat for a while and had the most wondrous talk.

Gina and I took off to Kew to Abracardbra. Had the best time, enjoying old photo albums from the 30's-40's, postcards, books....and guess who I saw there? Klya and Diana. These CSR girls were everywhere!

With rumbling bellies Gina took me to one of her favourite places, Montys. It was so beautiful and fantastic food. We got a bit carried away taking photos but loved every minute of it....
Yes he just jumped right in...

Gina had just had surgery on her nose, and didn't particularly want her photo taken. She sported a white plaster strip, a perfect blank canvas and I did offer to paint a butterfly on it for her....every time she laughed she felt the plaster was going to pop right off.

And just around the corner was this place......

I did catch my flight home the next day. I was looking around to see if I could spot any CSR girls at the airport, but no they had all flown their own ways. It was a very early morning start, but have a look at this. Sunrise as I've never seen it before. Enchanting....

My whole experience away was amazing, thank you to all my wonderful friends who made this time away more insightful than I could ever imagine. And missing my flight was the best experience. I realised that I am always taken care of. Thank you Universe.


Anonymous said...

The Charos resort will always welcome their most treasured visitor and will always have the presidential suite and chef ready for them at a moments notice!!!!
Yes, we did do a lot of laughing which is the best medicine for healing...pity I didn't take you up on the offer of the butterly art on my cast! Love the photos Lovely Nic!!! Gxoxo

Jacky said...

Great lovely to catch up on all of your CSR news. It was so, so lovely to catch up with you on the Sunday!!!

Sending a friendly duckling blue hug!

Jacky xox

Anna Bartlett said...

So glad your adventure was everything you wanted and more (kudos for facing that fear and making it through! As an EXPERT at missing flights I'm very proud of you). I picture you laughing so much in those gorgeous photos.

Svetlana said...

Hi Nic, that was lovely coincidence meeting you at the airport. I enjoyed my trip to Queensland very much and will be back home soon. Until next time we can keep in touch through our bloggs. Love, Svetlana

Dot said...

It was so lovely to see you again Nic. Thankyou for putting time aside to see me. I loved our afternoon in the mountains. And the yummy lunch. You did very well to face your fear about missing your plane. So pleased you made the most of it and enjoyed the extra time with your friend.
The canvas I bought from you is in a special place in my home.
Much love
Dot xx