Wednesday, February 17, 2010

almond blossoms and up styles

Ms Aqua has decided to make her own appearance at an upcoming art exhibition. I'm so glad she decided to be part of the show.The blossoms I painted to cradle her are almond blossoms. They are very similar to cherry blossoms but it is almond blossoms for me. I remember as a child a row of almond trees growing in our yard. The blossoms were incredible. Mum took my brother and I out to the trees and we picked a handful of flowers. Heading back inside Mum kindly drew an outline of a tree, on green paper and we glued our blossoms on. I recall my brother didn't quite get the same kick out of it as I did.....

Maybe this helped ignite my love for collage, texture and all things that bloom? It has certainly stuck in my memory box for a long time.

Ms Aqua and myself have been sporting our own Lyn Gardner hair style. Its been so hot and humid here lately, that wearing my hair up and curly is the only way to go.I felt the same last year, really over the heat. Then I went to Melbourne in March to Creative Soul Retreat and got my fair share of cooler weather and layering up. I wonder if March in Melbourne this year shall give me some opportunities to wear a few more layers?

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Anonymous said...

I hope it's cooler too,

cant wait to get in there and play