Monday, January 4, 2010

white meets with colour

this is what greets us when we come through the door. a mix of colour, black and white and tones of white. its kind of like all my art phases rolled into one. when i first started painting i was very whimsical and colourful. just about everything had a black and white checker board pattern in it somewhere. strange but true when i moved to the coast i fell in love with all shades of white and cream. i can see how it all pulls together now.

almost every room in the house has an element of my black and some sort of pattern. it just happens. i'm sure its innate.anyway i love the painting and table. and whilst i have moved on in my painting style i can still appreciate and enjoy this era. this was around the time i discovered Violette....was amazed at how similar our art was.
some precious pieces here. i am becoming more aware of creating in my home with 'things' that are dear to my heart. a glass apple from my beautiful Feng Shui friend Wendy, a bottle i found at the markets for a couple of dollars with an 'inspire' pendant around its neck.. a recent pressie from my mum. the Xmas tree from Sue with the 12 days of Xmas swap, (i used the wrap from this gift in yesterdays journal page) a collage from my friend Kathy who was also my astrology teacher and a collection of white buttons....just because.

and i spent some time in my studio today, reorganizing , refining where everything goes. i love this beaded fringe that hangs in my flutters with such ease and grace.
i am rethinking some options with some of my older canvas paintings. i feel they are yearning for a new life, a transformation that includes scissors and the sewing machine.

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