Thursday, January 28, 2010

a space of acceptance

I’m feeling very grateful for having a studio. I have always said that you don’t need a special place to create. Over the years I have painted and created in a 3 bay shed I have shared with my hubby. That was always a bit of a logistical challenge. He is a joiner by trade and was often making things, big cabinets, lots of saw dust. So it wasn’t always viable to be in the shed. And during summer it was definitely a sweat box. We managed to work around it. I always did as creating was important for me.

If the shed wasn’t available I would work inside on the kitchen bench or table. And if I was getting messy it would be out to the lawn. The challenge there was packing up before the kids came home from school.

When we moved to Hervey Bay our first place was a brand new house, we were the first etenants. It had white walls and floors and definitely did not lend itself to me painting large splashy canvases. This was the beginning of Photoshop learning. I could create and no accidental splashes of colour to clean off the walls.

Now we have bought our own home, I have, for the first time my own creating space. A room I can call my studio. It is the place were I can be totally me. I can hang whatever I want on the wall, or set up my beloved trinkets, and leave my projects out to come back to. Its like a room of total acceptance.

The concept of having a creative space that looks beautiful is a bit of foreign one to me. It was always about being functional and practical. Now I can have a balance, its a bit of a work in progress…I'm aiming for a room that is organized, feels great and has wondrous beauty. I couldn’t ask for more.


Jacky said...

What a lovely space....meant to be.

Jacky xox

Anna Bartlett said...

Geez Louise, that room looks fantastic. Here I am with heaps of 'space' but nothing like that! How organised and lovely and inviting. Can't wait to see what you make in there!