Wednesday, November 4, 2009

journaling~ look what I found

Well I was scootering around looking for some new journaling ideas when I found this gem.Have a look at this, great stuff...thanks for sharing your wisdom Judy Wise!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic, this was really good, I enjoyed it very much and the timing to hear Judy's wise words is perfect...big hugs hope the flowers are still blooming for you, had a lovely night on Wednesday thanks, think I will stay at the resort next time, not to dear at to all Breezy xxx

Bethel of Bethania said...

Wow Nic this was fabulous... 'Feed your Passion'... was the main key words I got out of it... yep that is the key I reckon too... in no matter what medium you use/work with.
I have found with the different crafts I've done & taught if you/they don't have a passion for any form of art it shows... it shows that lack of Love... thanks so much for sharing that clip you found... Blessings... B

drmarty62 said...

dear Nic
thanks so much for posting this link. It's so exciting tp be considering taking classes frm Judy next year.